The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the day! Registration will open at 7:15 for those waited until the day of. We will need everyone who did not register through USAC (you Paypal’d your entry) to sign a waiver, so we will get to see you early as well.

KONA– Did you forget that we are raffling off a KONA bike after the race? We didn’t. You ride, you finish, you are in the drawing….so don’t call that SAG truck just yet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

Breakfast– We have you covered with the best coffee and pastries in the country! Doubleshot coffee will be on sight early with delicious drip coffee and something to fill your stomach. So please, PLEASE don’t show up with that QT coffee in your hand, or I’ll karate chop your funny bone.

Hungry-All that work makes a person hungry! McNellies will be onsite again this year with their ‘serve-yo-self’ fajita bar! We will also be at a brewery, so there will be delicious beer on hand for your to partake in! I will buy your first beer, but all others will be on you. I’m pretty sure they still have crowlers of Trump Stamp, and pitchers available if you are really thirsty! We will start serving at 4pm (or slightly before).

Road Conditions– The roads look great! There are a few segments with some larger rocks, but for the most part the roads will be good to go. That said, yes you can race your 28c road tires, but for the long haul, comfort, and to reduce your chances for a flat, run a bigger tire if possible. This year there is more gravel than last (about 45% of each loop), so more FUN to be had!

Temperature- The weather looks good. A cold start, but good! We will do just like last yearIMG_7574 and put a drop box out on the course to stash any unwanted gear in once the temperatures warm up. Make sure you put on sunscreen as it will be sunny, and we want you to get good sleep Sunday night!

Tires-  Totally preference. I run 28c slicks on our gravel backroads all the time without issue (barring the occasional flat). They work great, are fast, and with the pavement to and from they make for some swift riding. I did however ride some 33 file treads in last weekends Land Run 100, and was really pleased with how fast they were on the paved segments, as well as how buttery smooth they rolled through all conditions of gravel. They were far more forgiving than the slicks, and made for an all around better experience. Last year the majority of the riders ran slicks here at Native Lands, and I assure you they will be again this year. The recon today though looked pretty rocky. We have not had the rain like in previous years, and for the sake of your bike and body, the bigger tire you can ride, the better! Bring a couple of spare tubes!


LONG -Loop for men’s teams, and anyone else looking to go big!

SHORT- Loop for the solos, tandem teams, and women’s teams!

Check Points- The course will have checkpoints again this year, and they are marked with an orange stake, and orange paint on the road. I think this will make them easier to see this round.

We are STOKED, and hope that you are as well! Osage is a beautiful place to ride a bike, so saddle up and lets go ramble!

image1 (1)



A word from our sponsors….

Kona (as many of you know) has stepped up to be a sponsor for this years Native Lands Classic! We are humbled and proud that they would choose our event. Kona is all about adventure, and so are we! If you haven’t heard, we will be giving away a Kona Honky Tonk. Anyone who registers and completes the event will be in the drawing for the rad bike (to be held on Sunday after the race). A rad steel frame that will fit some fatty tires. Rack mounts, and a great geometry make the Honky Tonk your next adventure bike! I hope you win!Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

Doubleshot Coffee is also on-board again this year! Last year during registration they had hot drip coffee (the best in the land), and some amazing pastries! It’s gonna be a long day, so FullSizeRenderget your pre-game right!! If you haven’t been into Doubleshot at 18th and Boston, give it a go on your next ride. They make some amazing coffee, and the food options are endless and impossible to choose from. I usually go with one of everything, and my kids always snag the donuts! Brian has been killing the coffee game in Tulsa for some time now. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

McNellies will be providing you with you post ride meal, and of course washed down with some Prairie Ales Beer. We are happy to have a group like McNellies in Tulsa. They provide us with some great options for food, and keep the riders happy!

City Cycles has been an integral part in our adventure side! Head mechanic and shop manager Jake Drevs knows adventure. From gravel epics like Dirty Kanza and Land Run 100, to some amazing overnight tour rides through Oregon and Oklahoma, he knows his stuff. Jake and City Cycles have been a big help in getting Native Lands off the ground, and for that we are grateful. For all your adventure needs, questions, or help prepping your bike for this adventure, stop in to City Cycles and ask for Jake!

Garmin computers are an amazing technology! Something that has changed the cycling industry in so many ways. You can program a workout into one, and it gives you the prompts necessary to complete the intervals. You can program a map into it, and it will give you turn by turn directions (pretty useful when you don’t know where you are going), and it will event tell you the temperature, speed, elevation, and number of bananas you need to eat during your ride. If you haven’t plugged a ride into your Garmin and used the turn by turn feature (or you don’t have a Garmin) I highly recommend you make sure you know how to use it. For this ride you will get a cue sheet (turn by turn directions your grandpa could be proud of) in case you get lost, or don’t have a Garmin. My suggestion is you either get one, borrow one, or use a teammates for the ride! They are invaluable!

The route is coming together nicely, and registration is WIDE OPEN!! Save yourself the $10 increase of day of Reg, and get registered today! See you March 20th, and keep it here for the updates you will need for race day!



Register.Party.Win a KONA bike!!

Friday February 19th 5pm. Please join us as we (party) kick off Native Lands Classic and open registration at 6pm! We have another great year of Native Lands events planned and want you to be a part of them! Native Lands Tour dates are already set (October 15th/16th), and we getting really excited for another amazing NLC Event! There will be beer. There might be food. There will be cool people! Swing in, hang out, register, have a beer, shoot the breeze! Extra style points will be given if you roll in on your bike! RSVP HERE! (if you want)

Gravel-Killin, Back-Road-Ramblin, Native-Tour-Strollin Machine!

Kona has stepped up this year as an event sponsor and wants to raffle off a bike! We picked out the Honky Tonk for its Reynolds 520 Steel, stock 28cm tires, and pannier mounts!! How do you win this fine steed? You have to complete the ride (no bailouts, no sag rides, no cheating). You enter NLC, you complete the ride, you could win (if you don’t win, you can cry sad tears into your Prairie beer while your teammates rub your back and console you). Other great prizes from KONA, Prarie Artisan Ales, and Doubleshot Coffee will also be in the giveaways Sunday afternoon!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

KONA Honky Tonk



‘My name is Rod and I like to party!’

DSC_3565 (1)For many of us, this was a first for packing/unpacking a bike. We were still feeling a little green. I have to say that I learned a lot in a single trip. What to pack and where to pack it became the question of the weekend. When you throw a gear bag into a truck and it meets you at the camp site, there is no penalty for packing the kitchen sink. When its on your bike (or in your trailer), you have to decide how badly you ‘need’ that sink. You have to make choices. Study the weather, the ride map, ride food needed, all the details. It becomes more about what you can make it without.


Saturday was miles, smiles, and dive bars. A cloudy and cool start. Cool for most of the morning in fact. Barely cresting 70. Great temperatures for riding! We started out with Doubleshot coffee, rolled westward nice and slow, then began our ascent out of Sand Springs into the hills of Osage County. This is where the fun DSC_3328begins. This is where the gravel begins. Off the main roads with one, maybe two cars every 20 miles, and a tractor for good measure. We pressed on northward, taking in the views and the conversation. It really turned out to be a relaxing day on the bike with no set agenda, and plenty of stops.

We rolled into Barnsdall for lunch (a coke and a payday) at the local grocery store. More time to just mingle and shoot the breeze with good people. Andy gets a call from Jess that he has found Jr’s Saloon. “What? We are on our way.” I hear Andy say into the phone. Half a block later we are lined up at the bar ordering domestic longnecks, and shooting pool, all while two ladies smoke through a pack of cigarettes and continue asking us questions about our ride. We play a few rounds (winner stays), and finally fall victim to Cailean’s cue skills. It was a good stop. DSC_3361DSC_3363

Back on the bikes and rolling again, we made one last push North. 20 more miles.DSC_3378

A few good rollers to get the legs warmed back up!DSC_3384


We roll into Osage Hills State Park about 4pm. Set up camp, get out of our chamois, and relax. It was about time for dinner. People were deciding where to set up their camps, what to unpack, and getting cleaned up.DSC_3434

The trusty, dusty steeds.DSC_3435

A little camp time entertainment with the BB Gun Biathlon. Nathan Cozart was our eventual winner. Fast and straight shootin! Zach wasn’t too bad either.DSC_3447

We rolled on into the evening with some good beer, s’mores, and lots of laughs.DSC_3483

Sleep is good. Cold temps and poor planning can rob you of sleep. I think a lot of people did ok, but 45-50f is just enough to keep you tossing and turning all night. Back to bringing the kitchen sink…..I packed it, and slept like a baby. Doubleshot hooked us up again the second morning with hot coffee and some stellar baked goods (breakfast burritos, donuts, pumpkin bread). Tony and Jeremy were up early stoking the fire, and we all slowly warmed up with the sun rising in the meadow.DSC_3545

Time to pack up and start the trip South.DSC_3558

Tulsa or bust!
DSC_3568 DSC_3595 DSC_3630

The second day was the hardest. More miles, heavy gravel in some spots (more flat tires), and a stout head wind. The riders fragmented and groups began to form. We pressed on. Many people had to overcome some serious mental hurdles to get back into town. Some people had to bail and find other routes home. All in all it was a tough weekend. A fun weekend. A lot of views and laughs. Then just like that we were back in town. Unloading, eating, remembering! What a great time. Next year we want you to join us! Take the step, open the gate (to cheesy?) and challenge yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! DSC_3300

It’s here!

I was talking to a few people this week, and getting really jacked up about this ride! It is going to be  a great little get away, and the weather looks freakin amazing! I hope that you are making the final preparations to join! Here is our event flyer that you should print out. It will cover all the event details should you have any other questions! Event Flyer


Departure- We will be rolling from Doubleshot Saturday morning around 9am. Please show up early (8am) to get registered and sign your waiver. ALSO bring a little cash so you can partake of the amazing coffee and pastry selection they have. Parking will be at 98 E 18th Street (SW corner of the intersection) in the Spirit Bank Lot.

Route- For the most part, the route is going to be different each day. I wanted to mix up the roads and scenery a bit. We will still be riding a strong mix of gravel and pavement. Don’t be afraid to run road tires (I have before), but a bigger tire will give you a bit more cushion. Please plan accordingly for the things that you need. Bike tool, tube, water, ride food, sun screen. You are smart, you can handle it. Route maps are listed below with links. I strongly suggest using a Garmin, or downloading the ‘ridewithGPS’ app to your phone. I will have cue sheets available at registration Saturday morning for anyone who wants to go with a more primitive method of navigation.

To download, click the ‘export’ link (top right of the map page). I recommend changing the turn notification distance (I prefer 100m vs 30m), then you will drag your new TCX file into your ‘new files’ folder on your Garmin. There are instructions listed for each type of Garmin. If you have issues, I can help you out with this on Saturday morning (just show up early).

Saturday- Day 1 Route                                   Sunday- Day 2 Route

Registration- If you plan to attend, please get signed up! This will help us greatly with preparation for food and other items. We will have open registration Saturday morning at Doubleshot, but the cost goes up $25. Use the ‘Registration’ tab above to get signed up! We will also still be running our concentrate coffee brew and aero/grinder deals until supplies run out. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

What did I miss? Any questions?


There are two types of people in this world: Those that love good coffee, and robots. Don’t be a robot. Native Lands takes it’s coffee seriously, and that’s why we have partnered with Doubleshot Coffee for a second time! Brian Franklin has perfected the art of roasting great coffee, and the shops baker, Shelly Womack, makes the best pastries (thank you Shelly!). If you haven’t been in the shop, you’ll have a chance before we take off on Saturday the 17th!

Because the ride is an introduction into touring, and we expect you will be doing this again soon, Brian and the DS crew are throwing together some cool schwag! They have put together an offer on an AeroPress / Grinder combo that will jump start your next trip to ANYWHERE! The aero/grinder package, shown below, will be available for $50. Brian has also made their 375ml concentrate available for $6!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.28.56 PM

Doubleshot will still be on site providing the coffee Sunday morning….as you roll out of your sleeping bag to the sound of nature. However, if you are feeling adventurous and would like to be able to make your own coffee on the go, I encourage you to snag this deal! It’s only available to NLT riders at a great price (thank you Brian).

If these items and prices sound good to you, check here to place your order! 


This Saturday from 2-3pm (Sept 26th) Brian and Andrew will be hosting a free ‘how-to’ clinic on the specific practice of using an aero press. If you haven’t used one before, these guys are the experts and will gladly show you the ropes. I love my aero press because it’s super simple, compact, and gives you the ability to make a top notch cup of coffee anywhere. I recommend this process as it really makes great coffee on the go so easy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.46.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.47.02 PM.

Something new for me and you!

I’ve never tour’d on my bike. I have driven, tent camped and ridden my bike. I’ve ridden places, hotel camped (glamped) and ridden my bike. I have yet to ride to a point (with everything I need), eat, sleep, coffee, reload, and ride on. I want to. I think it would be easy, especially with a little preparation. Some of you have been across the country on your bike and already know this process inside and out. A lot of you (us) don’t. Regardless of your experience, this one will  definitely be different. We will be on a journey with friends. A party ride of sorts. Back roads and brews! Fires and fiddles!

The tough part is deciding if you have the right bike. You do. If you don’t, and your spouse is willing to park the Caddie in the driveway to make room….lucky you! If you are out of room or $$$, we can fix you up! City Cycles and Spoke House Bicycles have teamed up with us to offer two (1 at each shop) nights of “How the heck am I supposed to pack this thing?” seminars. We will have professionals on hand who have both 1)bike packed before, and 2)have the know-how to show you what you need. The nice thing about a 1 night trip is you don’t need to be very precise. One of the goals of this ride, and there are many, is to get you to step out and try something new without breaking the bank. If you like it, there are more opportunities to follow that are already in the works!

Some examples of how you could make this ride happen, and keep costs low.


The ‘Pack Mule’!


I call this option “The kids are at grandmas for the weekend”. I personally have one of these that I am willing to loan out.


The ‘Cross Bike’! True versatility!

Q 1

The ‘MTB’.

So, do you have a bike that will work? Lets make it happen!

Night #1- City Cycles, 109 East Main St. Jenks. 6-8 PM  RSVP HERE!

Night #2- Spoke House Bicycles, 25 East 21st St. Tulsa 6-8 PM RSVP HERE!

Both events will be a great time to ask questions, glean ideas, and drink some really good beer!