AANLCHere we go! YES you can still register. All the way up until Saturday morning if you’d like. It does help us with prep if you register sooner, but don’t let that stand in your way. We are looking very forward to this weekend getaway!


A big question some of you have is ‘What should I bring?’ If you’re like me, you over pack. I carried a 2 lb. bike lock from Santa Fe to Tulsa one summer, and didn’t use it once. For this adventure, we have your food handled, so that will save you on weight. Below is a small outline on what I would pack based on the trip. You can go heavier, or lighter.

  1. Riding- shoes, socks, bibs, jersey, gloves, flannel (or jacket/arm warmer combo).
  2. Camp- Wool base layer, jacket, pants (leg warmers) dry socks.
  3. Sleeping- bag, pad, rain fly. Some people prefer the hammock option.

Obviously you’ll need a patch kit, water bottles, toiletries and ride food (and a few other items), but the above is maybe a bare minimum. Normally, you would also want a booster pack for recharging your phone and Garmin, but we will have power strips on site to re-charge these if you’d like. READ THIS for more ideas from some other experienced tour riders.



Rise and shine! We will be on site with bike parking at Doubleshot Coffee (Tulsa) Saturday morning at 8AM. Come early, enjoy an amazing pour over, some great pastries and conversation! Parking will be available on the South West corner of 18th and Boston in the Spirit Bank parking lot (directly west of the fire station). Final ride instructions, and high fives at 9AM, then we roll out!

At mile 50, Barnsdall has a grocery store, bar, and gas station.. Dinner will be served at camp at 4:45pm. Corn-Hole World Championships will begin at 5:30 PM. Cold beer on tap, as well as some non-alcoholic beverage options.


These maps will give you an idea of what to expect in regards to mileage for refueling. We will (if temps warrant), have a refueling station between Barnsdall and Tulsa Sunday. Please download this as you will be responsible for knowing the route. There are no course markers.

Day 1                    Day 2

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