That’s a wrap….

Party Time

You’re sitting at work right now kinda wrecked, but also kinda wishing you were out riding to coffee this morning. Yesterday you didn’t want to even think about riding. It’s starting to sink in though eh!? You knocked out 115+++ miles of Osage County! Major props! I am excited that you chose to join in on the challenge and know that we will see you again next year. It was a great day of ridding, and I was very impressed with your feats of strength and fortitude!


As always, I want to say thank you (and you should too) to all our supporting businesses. A big thank you to these folks as Native Lands would not happen without them!

Doubleshot Coffee Company for breakfast, coffee, and prizes!

American Solera for the use of the brewery, prizes, and hosting our Adventure Expo!

Search and State for the apparel giveaways, racer discount, and event support!

City Cycles for the custom podium pints, Make Your Mamma Proud flasks, Oasis rest stop, and their vision for adventure! City Cycles will also be a Search and State dealer very soon. Keep an eye out for the best apparel out there to hit the shop!

Biff Stephens and James Gann for their great photos! I truly (and the riders as well) appreciate your support and passion!

Whats next? More riding, more adventure, more open skies! Mark your calendars for Native Lands Tour October 21/22. Same great roads, cooler temps, slower paces, and some bike-camping! It’s a party on wheels where the only suffering is forgetting to pack your sleeping pad (or that one guy who bought a kids hammock and thought it was an adult hammock but didn’t realize it was kids hammock until he was at camp…he survived, but couldn’t stand up straight for a week).

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