The Big Party

cropped-cropped-screen-shot-2015-08-06-at-9-16-04-am.pngNative Lands Classic is boiling down to the final weeks. We are working hard to make sure the event goes off just as you hope it will. You’ve been working had too right!? Of course you have. The weather has been great. Really great. Perfect for training.

I wanted to run through a few FAQ’s to help you prepare.image2


Each year we get the on-slot of tire choice/pressure questions. I always suggest wider for more comfort. I know the first year, road tires were perfect, and the course was fast. Last year, some guys did it on road tires, but wider would have been better. There is a 40/60 gravel to pavement ratio this year (the map is still being finalized). I still recommend wider. Push a bigger tire on the road, but (hopefully) not have to stop for flats!


The maps will be released on Friday March 17th. You heard correct. The loop is under wraps as best we can keep it so that you don’t get a chance to scout the loop, make drops, plans, etc. We know most people wouldn’t cheat, but in the spirit of the adventure, you will get your route on Friday afternoon. Load it into your Garmin with turn by turn directions for best results. You will also receive a turn by turn que sheet that will require you to meet checkpoints while on the course (no cutting).


For our solo riders, tandem teams, and female teams, the loop is between 97 and 112 miles. It could be more or less, but these numbers sound good for now. Our men’s, Girl Power, and Make your Mama Proud teams will do the 120+ mile loop. If you are a lady team that wants to compete and race the same loop as the men (we have had requests so are obliging), you are more than welcome! Also, we have some solo riders that want to fulfill the same distance. The ‘Make Your Mama Proud’ group will roll at sunrise with the goal of completing the 120+ mile loop. The time cut for this loop will be dark. If you are not back by dark, someone you know will be responsible for getting you back to the finish for check-out. Since the race is on Saturday this year, we do have a bit more time for you to complete the loop.

Pre Race

FullSizeRenderHot eats and drinks will open at 7:30am. This year we are happy to have Doubleshot Coffee Co back to kick off the day! Locally roasted, and delicious, they will be providing drip coffee and pastries. Available for purchase will also be their breakfast sandwiches/burritos. Breakfast at home….nah. Come early and share a warm cup of coffee with your friends!

Because we stagger our starts in order to get everyone back around the same time, we will stagger our starts in 3min intervals. Starting at 8:30 our teams will be going off (staging times will be posted the night before the race). Our mass start solo riders (who aren’t riding the big loop) will go off at 9:30am.

Post Race

Following your journey, you will be rewarded with the finest calories. Hot food, and cold beer will be waiting for you at your destination. The very brewery you pedaled away from at 9am will have been working overtime to chill its beer. McNellie’s will be back again this year with some great post ride food! You cannot beat this combo!!


The start and finish will be at American Solera Brewery. Some of you may remember them as Prairie Artisan Ales (still around, just owned by Krebs Brewing Co now). Same amazing brewer (Chase Healey), just a different beer. Chase has been working hard on some amazing beers, and has created a new space/tap room that is really nice! You’re going to love it!

Drop Box

IMG_4893On course (usually at checkpoint #1) we provide a drop box. This will be returned back to the finish line with any gear you care to drop at this point. I know March weather is hard to judge, and even with a chilly start, the sun is usually out in force by 11am. Sunscreen. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


First, read the rules on this (see tab under Native Lands Classic). You are not allowed any outside help that would not be available for anyone else on a bike that day. By this I mean your mom cannot drop a PBJ for you in the ditch for you to grab later. There will be one town within the loop that will allow for tatter-tots, big gulps, and powdered donuts. Plan to make a stop for water refill etc. We also will have one/two spots on course that offer nutritional help, and will have a floor pump. These locations are undisclosed, and should not be expected. They are not aid stations, rather tents of moral boosting bourbon (and snacks).  City Cycles is working hard behind the scenes on this one!

What have I missed?

If you have questions, comment below, or email me direct. REGISTER HEREimage1


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