WE ROLL AT 9, but first COFFEE!

Let’s GO!

As we loop into a work week (the cycle is never ending), we pound out another M-F to keep the lights on, and bills paid. This week we are hesitant because we escape on Saturday! We will disappear into the conversation, friends, dusty roads, and peace of the pedaling machine. We will escape work and technology, traffic and schedules, to pedal our bikes. It’s going to be awesome!

The List

What to pack has been the biggest question. ‘What will I need?’ Below are some suggestions based on last years adventure. Remember we have the food covered.

LS wool base layer (the fire is warm, but its nice to not shiver all night)

Dry pants/shorts

Jacket/flannel (compressible down. Temperatures look warm enough you won’t need this)

Day 2 dry shirt

Ride food + $$ for gas station stops (there is a grocery in Barnsdall)

Sleeping bag/pad/tent (or sleep under the starts)


Toiletries (there is a shower/bathroom on site)

Camera/Garmin/Phone + Booster pack for a early morning recharge

Pump/tube/patch kit (min 28c tire. Bigger is heavy, but less likely to puncture)

2-3 Water Bottles (or a Camelbak)

Methods of Gear Delivery

The options vary for transport. If you want it all, panniers are the best. Plenty of room for jamming all the supplies, and not really having to consider weight. Other options include a frame bag/ bar bag combo, or frame bag/seat bag combo. Either of these options provide a little more consideration when packing, as well as less resistance or drag on the bike while at cruising speed. A few examples are shown below. Your local shop can easily get you any of these product if you are needing more space on your rig. Apindura, Blackburn, and Revelate are just a few of the options. There are also lots of great custom design companies out there if you are into picking your color, size, and style of bag!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ride Details

Saturday morning we will meet at Doubleshot Coffee (1730 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119) at 8am. Pre ride caffeine and pastries will be available for purchase. We roll out around 9am. Please plan to park your car at the Spirit Bank Lot just around the corner from Doubleshot. If you aren’t getting dropped of, you’ll be able to park your car here for the weekend (thank you Spirit Bank).

Please take time to download or print off these maps for your use. If you need help getting these onto your Garmin, we would be happy to help!

Saturday Map

Sunday Map


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