Native Tour 2016


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Lets Ride! Native Lands Tour is just around the corner (18 days to be exact!). You aren’t busy that weekend, so come enjoy some cross country pedaling! There is plenty of Oklahoma you haven’t seen yet, and this is just the trip to get you re-antiquated with the country side. Back country roads, friends, bikes, and great food!

If you don’t know, let me refresh you. We take care of the food (dinner, breakfast, beer, s’mores), and you take care of the pedaling. You also provide yourself any survival supplies you might need for the overnight trip to Osage Hills State Park. Sleeping bags, tents (optional), tooth brush, pillows, and clean socks. Go as luxurious as you want, but don’t forget a spare tube! This year, if you want to pack a little lighter, we will have tents available for an up-charge! $25 will get you a spot in a tent that will be available, and set up onsite. We have partnered with Homma Camp Co. to offer tents that can be rented. You will split a tent with 3 other people, so there will be plenty of space to sleep.

Registration is OPEN! 



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