Version 2In the essence of what Native Lands is, we are taking a trip. A 9 day trip through Native America! New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma! Back country riding at its finest. It will be in support of a Search and State and their #searchbrigade which is a classic ‘fireman brigade’ style cross country tour! Starting in New York Cities Times Square back on June 1st, the brigade has made its way across the country and landed in Los Angeles. Now, time for the return trip! We will be taking the bucket on August 4th in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and carrying it through to Webber Falls, Oklahoma!

This is your invite to load up the panniers, grab that sleeping bag, and jump in with us for a few days (or all 10…heck, all the way back to NYC if you so choose!!). Ride leaders will be there to guide you along the way with proposed stops, and daily mileage. Its a prefect opportunity to get rolling and see some of Americas greatest views from the saddle. Ride details can be found HERE. Our dates of travel are listed below.

August 4th Santa Fe -> Las Vegas, NM

August 5th Las Vegas -> Mosquero, NM

August 6th Mosquero -> Channing, TX

August 7th Channing -> Pampa, TX

August 8th Pampa, TX -> Black Kettle Rec Area, OK

August 9th Black Kettle Rec -> Roman Nose State Park, OK

August 10th Roman Nose SP -> Stillwater, OK

August 11th Stillwater -> Tulsa, OK

August 12th Tulsa -> Webber Falls, OK

We hope to see you out on the road!! Also, mark your calendars for October 15/16th, and our overnight tour. It’s a fun and simple way to get bike packing with some great people over some great roads!



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