The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the day! Registration will open at 7:15 for those waited until the day of. We will need everyone who did not register through USAC (you Paypal’d your entry) to sign a waiver, so we will get to see you early as well.

KONA– Did you forget that we are raffling off a KONA bike after the race? We didn’t. You ride, you finish, you are in the drawing….so don’t call that SAG truck just yet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

Breakfast– We have you covered with the best coffee and pastries in the country! Doubleshot coffee will be on sight early with delicious drip coffee and something to fill your stomach. So please, PLEASE don’t show up with that QT coffee in your hand, or I’ll karate chop your funny bone.

Hungry-All that work makes a person hungry! McNellies will be onsite again this year with their ‘serve-yo-self’ fajita bar! We will also be at a brewery, so there will be delicious beer on hand for your to partake in! I will buy your first beer, but all others will be on you. I’m pretty sure they still have crowlers of Trump Stamp, and pitchers available if you are really thirsty! We will start serving at 4pm (or slightly before).

Road Conditions– The roads look great! There are a few segments with some larger rocks, but for the most part the roads will be good to go. That said, yes you can race your 28c road tires, but for the long haul, comfort, and to reduce your chances for a flat, run a bigger tire if possible. This year there is more gravel than last (about 45% of each loop), so more FUN to be had!

Temperature- The weather looks good. A cold start, but good! We will do just like last yearIMG_7574 and put a drop box out on the course to stash any unwanted gear in once the temperatures warm up. Make sure you put on sunscreen as it will be sunny, and we want you to get good sleep Sunday night!

Tires-  Totally preference. I run 28c slicks on our gravel backroads all the time without issue (barring the occasional flat). They work great, are fast, and with the pavement to and from they make for some swift riding. I did however ride some 33 file treads in last weekends Land Run 100, and was really pleased with how fast they were on the paved segments, as well as how buttery smooth they rolled through all conditions of gravel. They were far more forgiving than the slicks, and made for an all around better experience. Last year the majority of the riders ran slicks here at Native Lands, and I assure you they will be again this year. The recon today though looked pretty rocky. We have not had the rain like in previous years, and for the sake of your bike and body, the bigger tire you can ride, the better! Bring a couple of spare tubes!


LONG -Loop for men’s teams, and anyone else looking to go big!

SHORT- Loop for the solos, tandem teams, and women’s teams!

Check Points- The course will have checkpoints again this year, and they are marked with an orange stake, and orange paint on the road. I think this will make them easier to see this round.

We are STOKED, and hope that you are as well! Osage is a beautiful place to ride a bike, so saddle up and lets go ramble!

image1 (1)


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