A word from our sponsors….

Kona (as many of you know) has stepped up to be a sponsor for this years Native Lands Classic! We are humbled and proud that they would choose our event. Kona is all about adventure, and so are we! If you haven’t heard, we will be giving away a Kona Honky Tonk. Anyone who registers and completes the event will be in the drawing for the rad bike (to be held on Sunday after the race). A rad steel frame that will fit some fatty tires. Rack mounts, and a great geometry make the Honky Tonk your next adventure bike! I hope you win!Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

Doubleshot Coffee is also on-board again this year! Last year during registration they had hot drip coffee (the best in the land), and some amazing pastries! It’s gonna be a long day, so FullSizeRenderget your pre-game right!! If you haven’t been into Doubleshot at 18th and Boston, give it a go on your next ride. They make some amazing coffee, and the food options are endless and impossible to choose from. I usually go with one of everything, and my kids always snag the donuts! Brian has been killing the coffee game in Tulsa for some time now. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

McNellies will be providing you with you post ride meal, and of course washed down with some Prairie Ales Beer. We are happy to have a group like McNellies in Tulsa. They provide us with some great options for food, and keep the riders happy!

City Cycles has been an integral part in our adventure side! Head mechanic and shop manager Jake Drevs knows adventure. From gravel epics like Dirty Kanza and Land Run 100, to some amazing overnight tour rides through Oregon and Oklahoma, he knows his stuff. Jake and City Cycles have been a big help in getting Native Lands off the ground, and for that we are grateful. For all your adventure needs, questions, or help prepping your bike for this adventure, stop in to City Cycles and ask for Jake!

Garmin computers are an amazing technology! Something that has changed the cycling industry in so many ways. You can program a workout into one, and it gives you the prompts necessary to complete the intervals. You can program a map into it, and it will give you turn by turn directions (pretty useful when you don’t know where you are going), and it will event tell you the temperature, speed, elevation, and number of bananas you need to eat during your ride. If you haven’t plugged a ride into your Garmin and used the turn by turn feature (or you don’t have a Garmin) I highly recommend you make sure you know how to use it. For this ride you will get a cue sheet (turn by turn directions your grandpa could be proud of) in case you get lost, or don’t have a Garmin. My suggestion is you either get one, borrow one, or use a teammates for the ride! They are invaluable!

The route is coming together nicely, and registration is WIDE OPEN!! Save yourself the $10 increase of day of Reg, and get registered today! See you March 20th, and keep it here for the updates you will need for race day!




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