It’s here!

I was talking to a few people this week, and getting really jacked up about this ride! It is going to be  a great little get away, and the weather looks freakin amazing! I hope that you are making the final preparations to join! Here is our event flyer that you should print out. It will cover all the event details should you have any other questions! Event Flyer


Departure- We will be rolling from Doubleshot Saturday morning around 9am. Please show up early (8am) to get registered and sign your waiver. ALSO bring a little cash so you can partake of the amazing coffee and pastry selection they have. Parking will be at 98 E 18th Street (SW corner of the intersection) in the Spirit Bank Lot.

Route- For the most part, the route is going to be different each day. I wanted to mix up the roads and scenery a bit. We will still be riding a strong mix of gravel and pavement. Don’t be afraid to run road tires (I have before), but a bigger tire will give you a bit more cushion. Please plan accordingly for the things that you need. Bike tool, tube, water, ride food, sun screen. You are smart, you can handle it. Route maps are listed below with links. I strongly suggest using a Garmin, or downloading the ‘ridewithGPS’ app to your phone. I will have cue sheets available at registration Saturday morning for anyone who wants to go with a more primitive method of navigation.

To download, click the ‘export’ link (top right of the map page). I recommend changing the turn notification distance (I prefer 100m vs 30m), then you will drag your new TCX file into your ‘new files’ folder on your Garmin. There are instructions listed for each type of Garmin. If you have issues, I can help you out with this on Saturday morning (just show up early).

Saturday- Day 1 Route                                   Sunday- Day 2 Route

Registration- If you plan to attend, please get signed up! This will help us greatly with preparation for food and other items. We will have open registration Saturday morning at Doubleshot, but the cost goes up $25. Use the ‘Registration’ tab above to get signed up! We will also still be running our concentrate coffee brew and aero/grinder deals until supplies run out. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

What did I miss? Any questions?


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