Something new for me and you!

I’ve never tour’d on my bike. I have driven, tent camped and ridden my bike. I’ve ridden places, hotel camped (glamped) and ridden my bike. I have yet to ride to a point (with everything I need), eat, sleep, coffee, reload, and ride on. I want to. I think it would be easy, especially with a little preparation. Some of you have been across the country on your bike and already know this process inside and out. A lot of you (us) don’t. Regardless of your experience, this one will  definitely be different. We will be on a journey with friends. A party ride of sorts. Back roads and brews! Fires and fiddles!

The tough part is deciding if you have the right bike. You do. If you don’t, and your spouse is willing to park the Caddie in the driveway to make room….lucky you! If you are out of room or $$$, we can fix you up! City Cycles and Spoke House Bicycles have teamed up with us to offer two (1 at each shop) nights of “How the heck am I supposed to pack this thing?” seminars. We will have professionals on hand who have both 1)bike packed before, and 2)have the know-how to show you what you need. The nice thing about a 1 night trip is you don’t need to be very precise. One of the goals of this ride, and there are many, is to get you to step out and try something new without breaking the bank. If you like it, there are more opportunities to follow that are already in the works!

Some examples of how you could make this ride happen, and keep costs low.


The ‘Pack Mule’!


I call this option “The kids are at grandmas for the weekend”. I personally have one of these that I am willing to loan out.


The ‘Cross Bike’! True versatility!

Q 1

The ‘MTB’.

So, do you have a bike that will work? Lets make it happen!

Night #1- City Cycles, 109 East Main St. Jenks. 6-8 PM  RSVP HERE!

Night #2- Spoke House Bicycles, 25 East 21st St. Tulsa 6-8 PM RSVP HERE!

Both events will be a great time to ask questions, glean ideas, and drink some really good beer!


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