A Chance for Adventure

I had a chance to ride my bike a couple weekends ago. Really ride my bike. Nothing serious. Water and food stops were the only ‘serious’ concerns. Where I would eat that night for dinner also entered the game. Don’t bonk. Other than that, just take it all in…all of it. Grass, cattle, pump jacks, gravel, hills (walls really), Mexican cokes, hashtag discussions, photos, new towns, jokes, flat tires. The views were phenomenal. I mean like seriously. Hills open up into these amazing vistas that seemed to go on for days. In the country its a step back in time. No obstructions. Open spaces. The slow life (Where is my horse?).

When I was approached to build a map for this adventure (check it out), my first thought was ‘What haven’t we seen? Where could we go that was new? How can I build a route to find new roads for the Tour in October?’ I personally had not been to the Tallgrass Prairie, and decided that this would be destination #1! Lets make it happen. Lets find a ‘new’ place and ride ‘new’ roads, and see where it takes us. The end result is below (If you haven’t watched the video, do it). I hope that this gets your blood pumping for some adventure. This is exactly what I wanted from day one for Native Lands Tour. We have the race, but now its time for something different. I want you on this ride! I want you to see what I saw….to stop in Barnsdall for a Mexican coke (I chose Fanta!) and share a laugh with your ride mates. To finish the day with a full heart and some experiences that you will take with you forever!


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