Native Lands Tour

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.47.22 PMWe have a date! October 17th and 18th will be our weekend! Please put us on your calendar and feel free to pass this along to your friends. The more the merrier!

Leading up to the event we will have two special nights of clinics hosted by City Cycles in Jenks, and Spokehouse Bicycles in Tulsa (Prairie Artisan Ales will also be in attendance). These events will include special guest speakers who know the ins and outs of bike packing. From overnighters, to trans american tours. These clinics are informational, and open to anyone in the general public (not just committed riders to this event). If you have ever wanted to travel by bike, these meetings will be a perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge needed for a successful trip.

This event will be entirely self supported. We do plan to help out with some of the meals (more details on that to come), but we will not be packing your gear to and from the camp destination. We thought long and hard about this and decided that requiring you to pack your own gear would be the best experience (don’t be afraid). You don’t need a super sweet touring frame or to spend thousands of $$ on gear for this trip. We will cover the options for travel in our clinics. Many of you already have 75% of what you need to make this trip happen. We are just going to help you put it all together! Cross bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes….all welcome! Get ready for something awesome!


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