Getting Close

We are just two days out. Don’t be afraid. As promised, here is the Garmin file for the route. MEN , WOMEN , SOLO. The file is in a TCX format. I was not able to load it to this site as a downloadable file….maybe I need to ‘go premium’ and stop using the free version. My work around is using google docs to load the files into. To get them onto your Garmin, follow these steps:

1) Plug your Garmin into your computer.

2) Open your Garmin up and find ‘new files’.

3) Download the file that is located in the google doc. (use the arrow at the top with the line under it).

4) Drag the newly downloaded TCX file into the ‘new files’ folder that you opened in step 2.

5) ‘Eject’ your Garmin from your computer, turn it on (like you are going for a ride) and open ‘courses’ to make sure the file loaded appropriately.

6) Make sure in your course settings you have ‘Turn Guidance’ on. I suggest ‘Off Course Warnings’ on as well.

7) Final step, go through your Garmin settings. There are some features that will help you. Example: The 510 has an add on for the maps page that will tell you ‘distance to turn’.

Some helpful tips for loading the files (I also found youtube helpful ‘Garmin 510 navigation’):

Garmin 500

Garmin 510

Garmin 800

Garmin 1000

It is my hope that this is seamless. If you were not able to make this work, there will be a computer and person on sight that will gladly load the file to your Garmin for you!

If you have a ridewithgps account, you can just go here to load the files:

Women Team/Solo

Men Team



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