City Cycles….and a few other important details.


City Cycles

It’s always great when people see an event and want to step in and support what’s happening. Cycling is about community, and about sharing new adventures, races, etc. Without the support of local bike shops/businesses a lot of the events that we attend would not be possible.

New(ish) to town is City Cycles in Jenks. A really cool addition to the Main St. vibe that downtown Jenks offers. City Cycles is managed by Jake Drevs. He stepped up and asked what we needed to make our event happen and has pulled through in a big way! “The shop is here for everyone. We want people to know that we do it all and are here for the non racers as well as the racers.” Jake is a great guy who is more about the experience the bike brings than about how fast it will go…..and most importantly LOVES gravel roads! I can guarantee you he will be doing the Native Lands Tour in the Fall (fully loaded no doubt)! Thank you City Cycles for your support of Native Lands Classic in its inaugural year!

Day of Registration

Registration can still be done online here at USA Cycling, or the day of the event. Avoid the extra fees and wait until Sunday I say, your call. Day of we will be accepting credit cards, checks, and of course cash. Please have each member of your team fill out an event waiver (DON’T SUE ME BRO). This will need to be turned in the morning of the event, and be done regardless of whether you’ve registered using USA Cycling or ‘day-of’. Ride waivers will be at the event if needed. Another small addition would be to have one of THESE. In a perfect world your team would arrive with the waivers filled out, and then this document filled out on the top. It is not mandatory, but will definitely streamline the registration process (which will give you more time to sip DoubleShot coffee and prep for the ride).

Race Day Road Conditions

We drove the course yesterday to check the road conditions. They were wet. I guess that is to be expected when it rains. This is good news though because it will keep the road graders off until after the weekend. Road graders pull all GetAttachmentthe gravel and sand up from the ditch and across the road. If they stay off then road conditions will be relatively smooth and fast….we want that. Friday/Saturday look to be great days for some drying. Have no fear (of mud).

Cue sheets will be made available the day of the event. I would however have a Garmin handy in your ranks. At least one member if possible (borrow one if you don’t have one). You can check out Garmin Connect to make sure your unit is up to date. I would also recommend having your turn by turn set up in advance. It was very useful for us yesterday. There aren’t road signs on every corner which made the cue sheet style navigation pretty tricky in spots. The Garmin file will be available in a TCX format. I will post details about that tomorrow. It will also be available to download the morning of the event if needed.

Get Ready

IMG_4870The views were great yesterday. A lot of amazing scenery (IMHO). I am really looking forward to this event and hope you are also. It will not be easy. It will be a challenge, but a good one. A time shared with your mates over some of Osage counties rolling roads. To plan appropriately, be ready with tubes (patches also), a pump, food, water, and some fresh legs! Flats will happen. Fat quality tires will do much better over these roads (and save your back) than your 23mm race tire. Comfort is your friend.

There is a food option at mile 47/48. After that there are no options until you make it back to Tulsa. I had planned another stop, but the route changed a few days ago.

There will also be a gear ‘drop’ on the route. Its placement will be based on temperature the morning of the event. Somewhere within the first 40 miles will be a basket. Toss your cool riding gear in and it will be waiting for you back at the brewery. You can collect it before or after you kill a pint of cold Prairie Ale!


And lastly….no aero bars. WWEddyD?


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