What to expect…

What tires..? CX bike..? Gravel..?

As of now, the proposed route will have some ‘gravel’ roads. 20-40%. I like to think of them more as ‘dirt’ roads as they can be really great riding if the road graders haven’t been over them. If they have been graded, we will go back to calling them gravel segments (pack an extra tube). There will also be some elevation change. 4-6K of climbing, but that really isn’t that much when you spread it over 200 miles…….Just kidding.

There is nothing on this route I wouldn’t personally ride with my road bike. My road bike is steel though, and set up on 25mm Gatorskins (80psi).Cielo If you want to ride your CX bike, by all means do so, but my suggestion is to ride what is most comfortable. There will be a lot of changing elevation, rough pavement, back roads, and miles between the start and finish of the event.

Are you planning on attending the event? Looking for a team? I need to know so I can plan accordingly. I don’t mind the hesitation to register, but need an idea of who will be riding. Please fill out the GOOGLE FORM (one per team/solo rider). You need a team? Lets call it SCRAMBLE GAMBLE. I get 5 (4 for women) different people that need a team and they become the SG team. That simple. Fill out the google form as ‘single looking to mingle’ and we will see what transpires!

I have also had some questions about the GPS file. I plan to release it on Friday before the event. The original plan was to have it available the morning of the event, but I don’t want to have people scrambling to upload a file. It will only be released if I have your email on file through registration, or the google doc form.  Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘file release’.



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