AANLCHere we go! YES you can still register. All the way up until Saturday morning if you’d like. It does help us with prep if you register sooner, but don’t let that stand in your way. We are looking very forward to this weekend getaway!


A big question some of you have is ‘What should I bring?’ If you’re like me, you over pack. I carried a 2 lb. bike lock from Santa Fe to Tulsa one summer, and didn’t use it once. For this adventure, we have your food handled, so that will save you on weight. Below is a small outline on what I would pack based on the trip. You can go heavier, or lighter.

  1. Riding- shoes, socks, bibs, jersey, gloves, flannel (or jacket/arm warmer combo).
  2. Camp- Wool base layer, jacket, pants (leg warmers) dry socks.
  3. Sleeping- bag, pad, rain fly. Some people prefer the hammock option.

Obviously you’ll need a patch kit, water bottles, toiletries and ride food (and a few other items), but the above is maybe a bare minimum. Normally, you would also want a booster pack for recharging your phone and Garmin, but we will have power strips on site to re-charge these if you’d like. READ THIS for more ideas from some other experienced tour riders.



Rise and shine! We will be on site with bike parking at Doubleshot Coffee (Tulsa) Saturday morning at 8AM. Come early, enjoy an amazing pour over, some great pastries and conversation! Parking will be available on the South West corner of 18th and Boston in the Spirit Bank parking lot (directly west of the fire station). Final ride instructions, and high fives at 9AM, then we roll out!

At mile 50, Barnsdall has a grocery store, bar, and gas station.. Dinner will be served at camp at 4:45pm. Corn-Hole World Championships will begin at 5:30 PM. Cold beer on tap, as well as some non-alcoholic beverage options.


These maps will give you an idea of what to expect in regards to mileage for refueling. We will (if temps warrant), have a refueling station between Barnsdall and Tulsa Sunday. Please download this as you will be responsible for knowing the route. There are no course markers.

Day 1                    Day 2

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For the LOVE of the Ride

DSC_3595Just a few short weeks away, and we are making the final arrangements so that you can have a great weekend of pedaling your bike! The maps will be released very soon.

If this is your first Native Lands Tour, here are a few things to expect.


8AM- Coffee and pastries at Doubleshot Coffee. Relax, eat, compare flannel shirt stories.

9AM- Let the ride begin!

4:30PM- Dinner is served! BBQ and coldies. There are also showers on site if you want to clean up from the day.

6PM- Drinks, CORNHOLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, start stoking the fire.


7AM- Up with the sun, hot coffee, some warmth by the fire, and breakfast!

9AM- Roll out!

Registration is open. We also have some radical MENT apparel t-shirts for sale! We hope you can make it to the party!




That’s a wrap….

Party Time

You’re sitting at work right now kinda wrecked, but also kinda wishing you were out riding to coffee this morning. Yesterday you didn’t want to even think about riding. It’s starting to sink in though eh!? You knocked out 115+++ miles of Osage County! Major props! I am excited that you chose to join in on the challenge and know that we will see you again next year. It was a great day of ridding, and I was very impressed with your feats of strength and fortitude!


As always, I want to say thank you (and you should too) to all our supporting businesses. A big thank you to these folks as Native Lands would not happen without them!

Doubleshot Coffee Company for breakfast, coffee, and prizes!

American Solera for the use of the brewery, prizes, and hosting our Adventure Expo!

Search and State for the apparel giveaways, racer discount, and event support!

City Cycles for the custom podium pints, Make Your Mamma Proud flasks, Oasis rest stop, and their vision for adventure! City Cycles will also be a Search and State dealer very soon. Keep an eye out for the best apparel out there to hit the shop!

Biff Stephens and James Gann for their great photos! I truly (and the riders as well) appreciate your support and passion!

Whats next? More riding, more adventure, more open skies! Mark your calendars for Native Lands Tour October 21/22. Same great roads, cooler temps, slower paces, and some bike-camping! It’s a party on wheels where the only suffering is forgetting to pack your sleeping pad (or that one guy who bought a kids hammock and thought it was an adult hammock but didn’t realize it was kids hammock until he was at camp…he survived, but couldn’t stand up straight for a week).

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Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.06.07 AMTomorrow will be a great day! Not easy, but great for sure! This is your ‘GET READY’ post!

7am- Coffee, pastries (on the house thanks to Double Shot Coffee), and burritos for $5.

Start Times- Please arrive to the line a bit early. You will be issued a timing chip on the line, and we want to have adequate time to install it on your bike.

8am- Make Your Mamma Proud start.
8:10- Team Young Young Life Tulsa (Tandem)
8:13- Team Vagenius (Tandem)
8:16- Team Lactic Acid Trip (Tandem)
8:19- Team No Draft 2.0 (Tandem)
8:22- Team Undiscovered 2.0 (Tandem)
8:25- Team Pandemonium Cycling
8:28- Team SADA NYKA
8:31- Team Life Assurance
8:34- Team Three Sheets to the Wind
8:37- Team Spoke House Rumble Bunnies
8:40- Team Tulsa Wheelmen
8:45- All Solo Riders Start (Men/Women)
4pm-ish- Solo Podium
6pm-ish- Team Podium
4-8pm-Eat/Drink/Be Tired! We have the food covered, so eat up!

Insurance Waiver- Fill out this NABRA Waiver and bring it to the event. I will have some onsite int he case that you cannot get this completed. Each rider must till one out.

Food/Water/Gear- We have 3 available. Water top off, and gear drop will be at mile 46, and then we will also have our ‘SURPRISE’ stop somewhere on the route! City Cycles has always made this a great booster station for the last leg of the trip. Check the map for your mileage into Hominy (where tater tots abound)!

Maps are listed below. We will have cue cards on site if you need them, but suggest putting the route on your Garmin. If you don’t know how, click HERE. Ride with GPS also makes a great application for your phone that you can use as a navigation tool in the event you don’t have a Garmin. Download it, then download the map! If you download the map, you can work ofline if needed.

Solos/Ladies Teams/Tandem Teams- MAP

Men Teams/MYMP Riders- MAP




The Big Party

cropped-cropped-screen-shot-2015-08-06-at-9-16-04-am.pngNative Lands Classic is boiling down to the final weeks. We are working hard to make sure the event goes off just as you hope it will. You’ve been working had too right!? Of course you have. The weather has been great. Really great. Perfect for training.

I wanted to run through a few FAQ’s to help you prepare.image2


Each year we get the on-slot of tire choice/pressure questions. I always suggest wider for more comfort. I know the first year, road tires were perfect, and the course was fast. Last year, some guys did it on road tires, but wider would have been better. There is a 40/60 gravel to pavement ratio this year (the map is still being finalized). I still recommend wider. Push a bigger tire on the road, but (hopefully) not have to stop for flats!


The maps will be released on Friday March 17th. You heard correct. The loop is under wraps as best we can keep it so that you don’t get a chance to scout the loop, make drops, plans, etc. We know most people wouldn’t cheat, but in the spirit of the adventure, you will get your route on Friday afternoon. Load it into your Garmin with turn by turn directions for best results. You will also receive a turn by turn que sheet that will require you to meet checkpoints while on the course (no cutting).


For our solo riders, tandem teams, and female teams, the loop is between 97 and 112 miles. It could be more or less, but these numbers sound good for now. Our men’s, Girl Power, and Make your Mama Proud teams will do the 120+ mile loop. If you are a lady team that wants to compete and race the same loop as the men (we have had requests so are obliging), you are more than welcome! Also, we have some solo riders that want to fulfill the same distance. The ‘Make Your Mama Proud’ group will roll at sunrise with the goal of completing the 120+ mile loop. The time cut for this loop will be dark. If you are not back by dark, someone you know will be responsible for getting you back to the finish for check-out. Since the race is on Saturday this year, we do have a bit more time for you to complete the loop.

Pre Race

FullSizeRenderHot eats and drinks will open at 7:30am. This year we are happy to have Doubleshot Coffee Co back to kick off the day! Locally roasted, and delicious, they will be providing drip coffee and pastries. Available for purchase will also be their breakfast sandwiches/burritos. Breakfast at home….nah. Come early and share a warm cup of coffee with your friends!

Because we stagger our starts in order to get everyone back around the same time, we will stagger our starts in 3min intervals. Starting at 8:30 our teams will be going off (staging times will be posted the night before the race). Our mass start solo riders (who aren’t riding the big loop) will go off at 9:30am.

Post Race

Following your journey, you will be rewarded with the finest calories. Hot food, and cold beer will be waiting for you at your destination. The very brewery you pedaled away from at 9am will have been working overtime to chill its beer. McNellie’s will be back again this year with some great post ride food! You cannot beat this combo!!


The start and finish will be at American Solera Brewery. Some of you may remember them as Prairie Artisan Ales (still around, just owned by Krebs Brewing Co now). Same amazing brewer (Chase Healey), just a different beer. Chase has been working hard on some amazing beers, and has created a new space/tap room that is really nice! You’re going to love it!

Drop Box

IMG_4893On course (usually at checkpoint #1) we provide a drop box. This will be returned back to the finish line with any gear you care to drop at this point. I know March weather is hard to judge, and even with a chilly start, the sun is usually out in force by 11am. Sunscreen. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


First, read the rules on this (see tab under Native Lands Classic). You are not allowed any outside help that would not be available for anyone else on a bike that day. By this I mean your mom cannot drop a PBJ for you in the ditch for you to grab later. There will be one town within the loop that will allow for tatter-tots, big gulps, and powdered donuts. Plan to make a stop for water refill etc. We also will have one/two spots on course that offer nutritional help, and will have a floor pump. These locations are undisclosed, and should not be expected. They are not aid stations, rather tents of moral boosting bourbon (and snacks).  City Cycles is working hard behind the scenes on this one!

What have I missed?

If you have questions, comment below, or email me direct. REGISTER HEREimage1

WE ROLL AT 9, but first COFFEE!

Let’s GO!

As we loop into a work week (the cycle is never ending), we pound out another M-F to keep the lights on, and bills paid. This week we are hesitant because we escape on Saturday! We will disappear into the conversation, friends, dusty roads, and peace of the pedaling machine. We will escape work and technology, traffic and schedules, to pedal our bikes. It’s going to be awesome!

The List

What to pack has been the biggest question. ‘What will I need?’ Below are some suggestions based on last years adventure. Remember we have the food covered.

LS wool base layer (the fire is warm, but its nice to not shiver all night)

Dry pants/shorts

Jacket/flannel (compressible down. Temperatures look warm enough you won’t need this)

Day 2 dry shirt

Ride food + $$ for gas station stops (there is a grocery in Barnsdall)

Sleeping bag/pad/tent (or sleep under the starts)


Toiletries (there is a shower/bathroom on site)

Camera/Garmin/Phone + Booster pack for a early morning recharge

Pump/tube/patch kit (min 28c tire. Bigger is heavy, but less likely to puncture)

2-3 Water Bottles (or a Camelbak)

Methods of Gear Delivery

The options vary for transport. If you want it all, panniers are the best. Plenty of room for jamming all the supplies, and not really having to consider weight. Other options include a frame bag/ bar bag combo, or frame bag/seat bag combo. Either of these options provide a little more consideration when packing, as well as less resistance or drag on the bike while at cruising speed. A few examples are shown below. Your local shop can easily get you any of these product if you are needing more space on your rig. Apindura, Blackburn, and Revelate are just a few of the options. There are also lots of great custom design companies out there if you are into picking your color, size, and style of bag!

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Ride Details

Saturday morning we will meet at Doubleshot Coffee (1730 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119) at 8am. Pre ride caffeine and pastries will be available for purchase. We roll out around 9am. Please plan to park your car at the Spirit Bank Lot just around the corner from Doubleshot. If you aren’t getting dropped of, you’ll be able to park your car here for the weekend (thank you Spirit Bank).

Please take time to download or print off these maps for your use. If you need help getting these onto your Garmin, we would be happy to help!

Saturday Map

Sunday Map

Native Tour 2016


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Lets Ride! Native Lands Tour is just around the corner (18 days to be exact!). You aren’t busy that weekend, so come enjoy some cross country pedaling! There is plenty of Oklahoma you haven’t seen yet, and this is just the trip to get you re-antiquated with the country side. Back country roads, friends, bikes, and great food!

If you don’t know, let me refresh you. We take care of the food (dinner, breakfast, beer, s’mores), and you take care of the pedaling. You also provide yourself any survival supplies you might need for the overnight trip to Osage Hills State Park. Sleeping bags, tents (optional), tooth brush, pillows, and clean socks. Go as luxurious as you want, but don’t forget a spare tube! This year, if you want to pack a little lighter, we will have tents available for an up-charge! $25 will get you a spot in a tent that will be available, and set up onsite. We have partnered with Homma Camp Co. to offer tents that can be rented. You will split a tent with 3 other people, so there will be plenty of space to sleep.

Registration is OPEN! 



Version 2In the essence of what Native Lands is, we are taking a trip. A 9 day trip through Native America! New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma! Back country riding at its finest. It will be in support of a Search and State and their #searchbrigade which is a classic ‘fireman brigade’ style cross country tour! Starting in New York Cities Times Square back on June 1st, the brigade has made its way across the country and landed in Los Angeles. Now, time for the return trip! We will be taking the bucket on August 4th in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and carrying it through to Webber Falls, Oklahoma!

This is your invite to load up the panniers, grab that sleeping bag, and jump in with us for a few days (or all 10…heck, all the way back to NYC if you so choose!!). Ride leaders will be there to guide you along the way with proposed stops, and daily mileage. Its a prefect opportunity to get rolling and see some of Americas greatest views from the saddle. Ride details can be found HERE. Our dates of travel are listed below.

August 4th Santa Fe -> Las Vegas, NM

August 5th Las Vegas -> Mosquero, NM

August 6th Mosquero -> Channing, TX

August 7th Channing -> Pampa, TX

August 8th Pampa, TX -> Black Kettle Rec Area, OK

August 9th Black Kettle Rec -> Roman Nose State Park, OK

August 10th Roman Nose SP -> Stillwater, OK

August 11th Stillwater -> Tulsa, OK

August 12th Tulsa -> Webber Falls, OK

We hope to see you out on the road!! Also, mark your calendars for October 15/16th, and our overnight tour. It’s a fun and simple way to get bike packing with some great people over some great roads!


2016 Classic


We had a big day this year. For our riders, 100+ miles on some of the toughest roads in Oklahoma is enough to put you under. This year we skipped McKinley climb through Sand Springs and headed out through Tulsa. First elevation was up Reservoir Hill (one of my favorite little gems in Tulsa). Reservoir offers an amazing view of the city, and is a good warm-up. Out Rock School Rd, the riders headed West, past Zink, and up Wildcat Hill. First gravel of the day. Smooth, fast, and a cross wind. The first natural segments of nature, out away from the homes and traffic. Riders still feeling great. A little further up Rock School, it was apparent there was a fire burning back from HWY 20 and headed South with the wind. The riders were not in any danger, but the way the road was winding back and forth, it looked as if the whole region was being consumed. Shifting winds would open up the field of view, but at times you could’t see 10ft in front of your bike. Riders reached the first checkpoint at mile 32, and could see they were in the clear as they approached HWY 20.

This year 45% of the course was gravel. That is about a 10% jump from last year. Not so bad if the conditions are good, but there was a 20ish mile segment from Birch Lake Rd, into Hominy that was deep, thick gravel. Teamwork is how it gets done though! Flats. Flat legs, flat tires, flat minds. Press on. Food and water in Hominy. We can make it! After Hominy there was some brief reprieve from the gravel, and riders finally had the wind at their backs. The last two segments of gravel were much better (as in smooth-ish). Ride it right, pay attention, don’t bomb down that hilllll….pssshhhh! Time to stop for another flat! Through the creek bottom, climb-climb-climb. I see people. Food. Beer. Bourbon. Bananas. Checkpoint #4. Another 6 miles of good gravel, then onto the pavement, turn South on 97, and hang on to that one guy who still has fuel in the tank. Down in to Sand Springs, over the river, then point it East on Avery and head for the barn!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.43.19 PM




Kari Bloom! First Place Solo Female. A long day in the saddle for Kari. “That was the hardest thing I have ever done.” We are happy for you Kari, and your accomplishment!


Tony Steward! First Place Solo Male. Strong race today by Tony. He averaged 18mph on a tough 107mi course. He said he opened up a little gap on a climb north of Skiatook Lake, and just stayed on the gas!


Or ladies tandem teams opted to share the podium as they started together, and finished together! Congratulations to Team Sparkle (Laura Meiling/Alisha Shutler), and Team Hail Mary (Jane Zeigler/Jennifer Sloan)! Alisha and Laura are veterans in this event, but didn’t have the other two ladies that would have given them the 4 person team they needed this year…well, I think they may have found next years teammates!! Great work ladies!


Our men’s tandem champions (and almost overall champions). Andy Chasteen and Chad Hodges crushed the day! These guys opted to race the men’s team loop (24 miles longer than the tandem loop), and almost beat every team in the field. They lost to The Tulsa Wheelmen after missing a checkpoint, and getting a 10 minute time penalty. Great work gents!


Women’s Team Winner was our ladies from Team Isocentric with Esther Thais, Lori McCarty, Kate Ripley, and Cassie Dickerson. Great job ladies, you crushed it!! It was so awesome to have you back for year #2!!


Not to be outdone for a second year in a row, the Tulsa Wheelmen (Jason Waddell, Will Gault, Mat Ankney, Chad Cagle, and Janne Hamalainen) knock down another victory in the Men’s Team category! New course this year, so no beating last years time. A hard day on the bike, ‘probably the hardest day I’ve ever had.’- Chad Cagle.

I can’t say how much I appreciate everyone who joined us this year. It wasn’t a huge field of racers, but it was a great group of people that wanted a challenge, and something new. Every time a group would roll in, it was so evident that they had given everything to the course. I like seeing that. People with similar passions, working together. The race is a journey. We all have different ambitions, but with the common goal of completion. Hat tip to everyone who finished (especially those with $100 worth of blown tubes in their pockets). You knew it would be difficult, but you accepted the challenge. Our sponsors stepped up big with some great prizes, coffee/breakfast from Doubleshot, fajitas for dinner from McNellies, beer from Prairie, KONA for all our schwag (drawing results below), and City Cycles for that amazing rest stop (among other supportive details. Thank you Jake Drevs!)! We thank them for their contributions, and we thank you for your contribution.

And (drum-roll please) now, the moment you have all been waiting for! 

<p><a href=”″>IMG_7601</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Ruts N Guts</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the day! Registration will open at 7:15 for those waited until the day of. We will need everyone who did not register through USAC (you Paypal’d your entry) to sign a waiver, so we will get to see you early as well.

KONA– Did you forget that we are raffling off a KONA bike after the race? We didn’t. You ride, you finish, you are in the drawing….so don’t call that SAG truck just yet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.06.41 PM

Breakfast– We have you covered with the best coffee and pastries in the country! Doubleshot coffee will be on sight early with delicious drip coffee and something to fill your stomach. So please, PLEASE don’t show up with that QT coffee in your hand, or I’ll karate chop your funny bone.

Hungry-All that work makes a person hungry! McNellies will be onsite again this year with their ‘serve-yo-self’ fajita bar! We will also be at a brewery, so there will be delicious beer on hand for your to partake in! I will buy your first beer, but all others will be on you. I’m pretty sure they still have crowlers of Trump Stamp, and pitchers available if you are really thirsty! We will start serving at 4pm (or slightly before).

Road Conditions– The roads look great! There are a few segments with some larger rocks, but for the most part the roads will be good to go. That said, yes you can race your 28c road tires, but for the long haul, comfort, and to reduce your chances for a flat, run a bigger tire if possible. This year there is more gravel than last (about 45% of each loop), so more FUN to be had!

Temperature- The weather looks good. A cold start, but good! We will do just like last yearIMG_7574 and put a drop box out on the course to stash any unwanted gear in once the temperatures warm up. Make sure you put on sunscreen as it will be sunny, and we want you to get good sleep Sunday night!

Tires-  Totally preference. I run 28c slicks on our gravel backroads all the time without issue (barring the occasional flat). They work great, are fast, and with the pavement to and from they make for some swift riding. I did however ride some 33 file treads in last weekends Land Run 100, and was really pleased with how fast they were on the paved segments, as well as how buttery smooth they rolled through all conditions of gravel. They were far more forgiving than the slicks, and made for an all around better experience. Last year the majority of the riders ran slicks here at Native Lands, and I assure you they will be again this year. The recon today though looked pretty rocky. We have not had the rain like in previous years, and for the sake of your bike and body, the bigger tire you can ride, the better! Bring a couple of spare tubes!


LONG -Loop for men’s teams, and anyone else looking to go big!

SHORT- Loop for the solos, tandem teams, and women’s teams!

Check Points- The course will have checkpoints again this year, and they are marked with an orange stake, and orange paint on the road. I think this will make them easier to see this round.

We are STOKED, and hope that you are as well! Osage is a beautiful place to ride a bike, so saddle up and lets go ramble!

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